12 – 27 October 2024

Adventure in the wild heart of China between the bamboo forests of Sichuan and the Tibetan plateaus. The observation of the spectacular and unusual fauna that inhabits this area will lead us to explore some of the most important natural areas in China. Itinerary exclusively designed for our group limited to a maximum of 12 people. We will discover  national parks, reserves and protected areas, between bamboo forests and plateaus at the edge of Tibet. We will meet Giant Pandas, Red Pandas, numerous species of rare Deers, Tibetan Macaques and Golden Snub-nosed Monkeys, the curious Takin, the Asian Black  Bears, and if we are lucky also the elusive Pallas’ Cat, Leopard Cat and Biet’s Cat. A unique experience in the wildest nature, with particular attention to comfort and also to the conservation of the environment.



12  October
Arrival in Chengdu.
Overnight at Hotel Shangri La or similar*****.

13  October
After breakfast we will drive to Leshan, famous by its giant Buddha, an extraordinary monument which, being on the banks of the river, we will visit on board a boat. It is a site included in the UNESCO list as it is the largest Buddha in the world and the largest pre-modern statue.
After the visit we will continue to the Labahe nature reserve.
Overnight at Laba HeLan Crystal Hotel o similare****.

14  October
Full day exploring the Labahe Nature Reserve to optimize the chances of wildlife watching with particular attention to the Red Panda, but without forgetting the Tibetan Macaque, the Water Roe Deer, the very colorful Lady Amberst’s Pheasant and the curious Chinese Goral.
This protected area is located on the southern edge of the Qionglai Range, an area characterized by high mountains and deep valleys between the Sichuan Basin and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It has an extension of over 20,000 hectares and was established to protect the Red Panda and its habitat, but not only as it hosts more than 180 species of birds and 46 of mammals, 32 of which are under protection such as the Takin, the Golden Snub-nosed Monkey  and the Temminck’s Tragopan.
Overnight at Laba HeLan Crystal Hotel o similare****.

15  October
After breakfast we will reach the famous Wolong Panda Base located at 1700 meters above sea level where we will meet the Giant Pandas and have the extraordinary opportunity to directly participate in the volunteer program for the protection of these splendid animals.
This place is one of the best to meet the Panda cubs present here in good numbers.
In the afternoon we will move to Taoping Qiang Traditional Village with the beautifully preserved watchtowers, it was built in 111 AD.
Overnight at Hotel Wenchuan Shoumo Home Inn or similar****.

16  October
In the afternoon we will reach Dujiangyan and if we have enough time we will visit the local Giant Panda protection center, alternatively we will do it the following morning.
Overnight at Hotel Balen International or similar****.

17  October
After visiting the Dujiangyan Panda Base, important not only for the Giant Pandas but also for the Asian Black Bears.
We will then take the fast train to Chengdu and Jiuzhai or, depending on availability, we will drive to Jiuzhai by minivan.
Overnight at Jiuzhaigou Tianyuan Howard Johnson Resort Hotel or similar*****.

18  October
Full day at the discovery of the suggestive mountain panoramas and in search of the fauna of the Jiuzhaigou National Park. During our visit we will explore some of the peculiar valleys, renowned for their natural beauty, which are located between 2000 and 3000 meters of altitude. Crystal clear lakes, verdant forests and snow capped mountains. The local customs of the Tibetan people and the Qiang people give a magical atmosphere to the place where we can immerse ourselves in the local culture.
Overnight at Hotel Jiuzhaigou Tianyuan Howard Johnson Resort or similar *****.

19  October
In the morning we will move to the Fairy Ponds, characteristic small lakes with magnificent colors ranging from white to yellow depending on the natural calcification process.
In the afternoon we will reach Diebu, a center located at an altitude of 2400 meters.
Overnight at Hotel Diebu Saiyin or similar****.

20  October
We will visit the Sika Deer Reserve where we will meet this endemic specie of deer which has thrived in co-habitation with the Tibetans for thousands of years.
We will then head towards Ruoergai, located at 3500 meters, and if we have enough time, during the transfer we will make a stop at the Zhada Tibetan Monastery.
Overnight at Hotel Zoige Western Pasture Guge Dynasty or similar****.

21  October
Today we will explore the Tibetan steppe of Ruoergai. Located just below 4000 meters, it host a large concentration of aquatic birds as well as Steppe Wolves, Foxes, Pallas’ Cats and Biet’s Cats. We will cross the area driving the roads in the Minshan mountain range. The Tibetan temple of Zhada also deserves to be visited as the deers move freely inside.
In Ruoergai also lives a Tibetan minority called Amdo, a people of nomadic breeders of Yaks and horses who, with their tents, have lived on the plateau for generations.
In the afternoon we will reach Huanglong at an altitude of 3100 meters.
Overnight at Hotel Se`ercuo International or similar****.

22  October
In the early morning we will move to Huanglong National Park before the arrival of visitors. It is famous for colorful travertine lakes and ponds, deep winding mountain valleys, magnificent snow-capped mountains and mysterious peaceful wild forests.
In the afternoon we will drive to Shuijing.
Overnight at Hotel Longchi Commercial or similar****.

23  October
Morning visit to the Golden Monkey Reserve to observe the characteristic Golden Snub-nosed Monkey  in the afternoon we will move to the Tangjiahe Nature Reserve.
Overnight at Hotel Tangjia River International or similar****.

24  October
Full day to discover the Tangjiahe Nature Reserve and its inhabitants. This is a must-see for any wildlife enthusiast visiting China, as the reserve is an excellent place to see many of the country’s mammals and birds. These include the Sichuan Takin, the Tufted Deer, the Muntjac Deer, the Goral, the Asian Black Bear, the Tibetan Macaque, the Badger, the Chinese Capricorn, the Porcupine, the Yellow-throated Marten and the Leopard Cat. Among the birds, deserve to be mentioned the Golden Pheasant, the Hoopoe and the Temminck’s Tragopan stand out.
Overnight at Hotel Tangjia River International or similar****.

25  October
After breakfast we will continue to look for wildlife in Tangjiahe Nature Reserve.
Later we will drive to Guangyuan by highway and from there we continue to Xi’an by fast train.
Overnight at Hotel Gran Melia or similar *****.

26  October
Day dedicated to the city starting point of the Silk Road. Its ancient walls, the best preserved and the largest in all of China, the Muslim quarter, the Terracotta Army, all attractions that make Xi’an a unique destination.
Overnight at Hotel Gran Melia or similar *****.

27  October
We will continue the exploration of the city this morning before being transferred to the airport.

Included in the price:

–  Double room accommodation breakfast included.
–  All meals from 13 to 26 October.
–  All mentioned excursions.
–  English speaking guide.

Not included:

–  Meals not mentioned above.
–  The flgihts.
–  Any unforeseen additional costs associated with weather and/or layovers including flight changes, additional hotels and meals.

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PRICE PER PERSON  Euro 6300,00
*Exchange rate 1 USD = 0,90 Euro.