15 – 24 March 2022

A great Polar experience in one of the most isolated areas on the planet. In this epic journey aboard the new Janssonius, 107 meters long and 170 passengers, we will explore the Antarctic peninsula. We will sail from the tip of South America to the glaciers and snow-capped peaks of the sixth continent crossing the mythical Drake Passage. The grandiose panoramas and the huge icebergs will frame an incredible fauna: Killer Whales, Fin Whales, Humpback Whales, Sea Elephants together with hundreds of thousands of Gentoo, Antarctic, Adelie Penguins and 3 species of Seals including the fearsome Leopard.



15  March
In Ushuaia we will embark the MV Janssonius, a very modern 170 passengers ship built for the navigation in the polar waters in its inaugural season, an ideal solution for a trip like this that requires several days of open ocean navigation. In the late afternoon we will begin our cruise in the Beagle Channel and then in the Southern Ocean and the Drake Passage.
Overnight on board.

16-17  March
Crossing the Southern Ocean southwards towards the Antarctic peninsula, Albatrosses and Giant Petrels will follow our ship offering excellent opportunities for observation.
Overnight on board.

18-21  March
Today we will arrive along the north western coasts of the Antarctic Peninsula where we will spend the next four days. The snow-covered peaks of gray stone, the towers of white and blue ice and the wildlife will be the first signs of the new world that awaits us. Melchior Island and the Schollaert Canal, sailing between Brabant and Anvers Islands, the first lands we will encounter.
Shore excursions will be determined by weather conditions and include:
Danco Island, the colony of Gentoo Penguins that nest on the island, as well as the Weddell and Crabeater Seals that can be found nearby, are the main attraction of this spot together with a panorama dominated by the surrounding glaciers.
Neko Harbor, with its epic landscape of gigantic glaciers and endless wind-sculpted snowfields, offers opportunities for a zodiac cruise to enjoy the spectacular surrounding alpine peaks. Weddel Seals, Sea Lions and Gentoo Penguins are often in the area along with the mighty Humpback and Fin Whales.
Paradise Bay, all the beauty of Antarctica in one place, glaciers, icebergs like cathedrals, the red Argentine scientific base Almirante Brown, another perfect place for an excursion with zodiacs in search of Humpback and Fin Whales, Gentoo Penguins and Crabeater Seals.
Pléneau and Petermann Islands, if the sea ice will allow us, we will be able to navigate through the scenic Lemaire Channel in search of Adélie Penguins and Antarctic Cormorants. There are also excellent opportunities of encounters with Killer Whales, Humpback Whales and Fin Whales, as well as Leopard Seals.
Port Lockroy, after sailing through the Neumayer Canal, we will visit the former British research station, now a museum and post office, of Port Lockroy on the island of Goudier. We will also visit Jougla Point, where we will enjoy the Gentoo Penguins colony and Antarctic Cormorants.
Damoy Point, where we will may be have the opportunity to hike with snowshoes to the old ski slope.
Wilhelmina Bay and Guvernøren, this is a great place to watch Humpback Whales. We will zodiac cruise to the ghostly wreck of the Guvernøren, a whaling ship that caught fire here in 1915. Around the Melchior Islands, in an icy and wild landscape characterized by huge icebergs, we could meet other Whales, Leopard Seals, and Crabeater Seals. .
* The conditions of the Drake Passage will determine the departure time for the return.
Overnight on board.

22-23  March
Crossing back the Drake Passage northwards towards South America, Albatrosses and Giant Petrels will follow our ship offering excellent opportunities for observation.
Overnight on board.

24  March
After breakafast we will disembark and fly home.
* Those who wish to continue the journey can stay onboard and continue with the Lost Archipelagos cruise.

* It is a real expedition in poorly explored areas so the program could be carried out in a different way due to weather or ice; it is essential to be flexible.

Included in the price:

– Voyage aboard Janssonius as indicated in the itinerary.
– Free use of rubber boots.
– All excursion and activities through the voyage.
– Three meals a day during the cruise.
– Group transfer from ship to airport.

Not included:

–  Flights.

Voyage Map

PRICE PER PERSON  Twin Window Cabin  Euro  6.900
(different cabin categories available, ask for details)