05 -12 March 2022


Exclusive departure for our group, 10 persons max. During this adventure we will have the rare opportunity of observing 4 different penguin species (if we are lucky even 5, sometimes Macaroni breed among Rockhopper) and among them the King Penguin, as well as Sea Lions and Elephant Seals, Cormorants and Albatros. We will fly over the archipelago 3 times on board small airplanes, the relatively low level flying provides passengers with exceptional views of the Falklands coastlines and inland scenery. All this in the comfort of the local Lodges. Piero Bosco will guide this expedition.


05 – 08  March
Meet at Punta Arenas airport and flight Punta Arenas – Mount Pleasant.
Arrive Mount Pleasant Airport early afternoon, transfer by Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS) 8-seater Britten Norman Islander aircraft to Carcass Island where we will spend the next 3 days. This is one of the most picturesque outer-lying islands, with the luxuriant, well-established hedges and trees attracting many small birds such as the Cobb’s Wren, Black-Chinned Siskins and Falklands Thrush to nest around the settlement buildings. The sandy beaches, rolling hills and low cliffs are superb platforms from which to view the multitude of sea and shore birds that either breed or feed on and around Carcass Island. This destination gives you the opportunity to explore completely at your own leisure, as there are no guided excursions on this small island. From here you will also be able to enjoy the settlement gardens which have almost a tropical feel with their Monterey cypress trees, New Zealand cabbage palms and flax and colourful array of flowers. Your accommodation on Carcass Island will be in the Managers House giving you a great opportunity to mingle with genuine Falkland Islanders, and sample their organic vegetables, meat and dairy products prepared into typical Falklands ‘camp style’ fare.
Explore one of the most interesting destinations in the Falklands with a day excursion by boat to West Point IslandBlack-Browed Albatross and magnificent cliff scenery on one of the Falklands most picturesque islands are the main attractions of this trip, but weather permitting the transfer between the two islands can be extended to include Whale and Dolphin spotting as well as a circumnavigation around West Point Island.
Overnights at Carcass Island Lodge.

09 – 10   March
Transfer by FIGAS to Bleaker Island.  Characterised by wide sandy bays and sheltered coves this low-lying island is easily reached with a short flight from Sea Lion. Bleaker Island is a popular destination offering modern comfortable accommodation with a scene of isolation. The low silhouette of Bleaker makes it easy to explore on foot and it may also account for its rich maritime history. In the early part of the 20th century five ships were lost at Bleaker Island including the French barque Cassard wrecked in 1906. The long sandy beaches and open country of Bleaker Island offer some great hiking opportunities during which visitors should look out for some of the local flora such as the Yellow Orchid, the Dog Orchid and the endemic Lay’s Slipper. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of wildlife in a very compact area. One highlight of the island is the Rockhopper Penguin colony of some 750 pairs situated only a short walk from the cottages, sometimes some single Macaroni Penguin can be seen among the Rockhopper. Even closer is a large colony of King Cormorants totaling 8,000 breeding pairs.  Further north, a Gentoo Penguin colony and scattering of Magellanic Penguins can be found. Long Gulch, a deep fissure in the cliffs east of the settlement, is fringed with tussac grass which attracts many small birds such as Tussac Birds, Grass and Cobb’s Wren. Big Pond, in the centre of the island is an excellent place to view waterfowl including the White-tufted and Silvery Grebe, Black-necked Swans, Chiloë Wigeon, Speckled and Silver Teal, and the endemic Falkland Flying Steamer Duck. Peregrine Falcons and Red-back Hawks plus Crested and Striated Caracaras are also resident, whilst Southern Sea Lions and Elephant Seals are regular visitors from nearby Sea Lion Island or the small offshore Tussac Islands.
In the afternoon of March 10 we will fly to Stanley and overnight at Malvina House Hotel.
Overnights at Bleaker Island Lodge.

11   March 
After breakfast departure on a guided excursion in 4×4 vehicles to Volunteer Point – a highlight of this trip. With the white sandy beach and turquoise waters this destination has a Caribbeanesque feel to it, but the King, Gentoo and Magellanic Penguins will bring you back to the Falklands. There is a host of other wildlife to be seen along the beach and on the lagoons, as well as spectacular scenery as you traverse the north of East Falkland. Arrival back in Stanley at approximately 7.00 p.m. Packed lunch is included.
Overnight at Malvina House Hotel

12   March

Transfer to Mount Pleasant Airport by private vehicle.   Keep your eyes open for Red-Backed Hawks en route!
Flight Mount Pleasant – Punta Arenas.

Rate includes:

  • Full board accommodation (all meals included),excluded dinner March 10 and 11.
    Hotel accommodation double room including breakfast at Malvina House Hotel, Stanley.
  • Airport transfers as listed.
  • Excursions as listed
  • Flight at the Falklands.

Voyage Map


TOUR RATE Leg 2  Euro 4800,00
TOUR RATE Leg 1 + Leg 2  Euro 7900,00
*Exchange Rate 1 GBP = 1,10 Euro