Frank Berger


German, born in the 1957. He speaks German, English, French and Italian. He studied history, phylology and archeology at Muenster and Bochum. Graduation thesis in the 1990. Member of the Archeologic Institute of Germany. Scientific employee at the  Kestner-Museum Hannover from 1985 till 1997 and after it scientific officer of the  Historisches Museum Frankfurt. Moreover he is teaching at the universities of Hannover and Frankfurt. Frank is one of the most important contemporary German Polar historian. He published 17 historical books, among them worth mentioning:
Theodor Lerner. Polarfahrer. Im Banne der Arktis, Zurig 2005
Frankfurt und der Nordpol, Frankfurt 2007
Carl Weyprecht. Seeheld – Polarforscher – Geophysiker, Vienna 2008