Bruno Bocchi


Originally from Milan, but now living in Bellagio. At the age of five was traveling around Europe with his parents, it was still the time of trunks, obviously he ended up interested in history and geography, with particular emphasis in the Italian explorers, and in lost civilization, customs of ethnic minorities and naturalism, devoting most of his free time to study and investigate such matters and also to research in the field.
Because of his passion for old travel books, which always brings with him, is called a “romantic traveler.”
It has to his credit a number of travel and exploration in other countries:
From the Andes to the cold steppes of Mongolia, from the Arctic and Antarctic to the lush India, the Middle East, Oceania, from the desolate Labrador to the immense Africa.
She also performed the following land crossings:
From X’ian to Samarkand (Silk Road) –
From Khartoum to Cairo (via Lake Nasser, the Great Sand Sea and the White Desert) –
From Khartoum to Djibouti (through the Danakil) –
From Addis Ababa to Nairobi (back down the Omo River and to the Lake Turkana from north to south) –
From Nairobi to Lake Edward or Idi Amin –
Crossed all PapuaN.G. up to Jaiapura (Irian Jaya), then among the Dani and south among the Asmat
From Milan to Niamey (Niger), via the Mediterranean – Tunisia – Algeria with two jeeps
From Douala (Cameroon) to the border with the Congo, in the rainforest, with the Baka Pygmies
Labrador expedition driving two jeeps. Trans Taiga and Trans Labrador Km.12.000, under the patronage of the Italian Geographic Society
First expedition among the Nuba in Sudan after the war.
It has to his credit a number of travel and exploration in more than one hundred countries.
-He has published travel articles for magazines
-Lectured for cultural associations and non-profit
-Awarded the first prize for photography “Travel Notes” (jury photographers) to Immagimondo 2003
-Selected with two movies at the XXIX International Tourist Film Festival 2004
-Participated in broadcast television (RAI Profit)
-A member of the Circolopolare in Milan
-Published book: “Murrine….racconti di viaggi” (BIBLION Edizioni)
-Published book: “Cauri…raccolta africana di emozioni, pensieri e piccole storie di viaggi”
-Published book: “Le scarpe raccontano…”
-Published book: “Matrioska”